1. Try Retinoids For stubborn skin problems, try Retinoids. It unplug pores, treats acne, reduce fine lines, boost collagen production, lighten brown spots and freckles, and improve skin texture. Your skin needs care. If you have time to wash your Jordan’s, then make sure you devote a good amount of your time to your health. 2. Eat a healthy diet A healthy diet plays a huge role on how you look and how you feel. Eat vegetables, fruits. Avoid fatty foods especially from fast food. Along side with eating healthy, drink as much water as you can. You skin is made of 70% water. So why not refill your body system with water. Stay hydrated for a healthy looking skin and
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5 Makeup Application Tools You Need


Women (and, in some cases, men) have been using cosmetics for thousands of years. Makeup trends may change, but the basics stay the same. We want to highlight and brighten our eyes, add color to our cheeks and lips, and smooth out the hue and texture of our skin. Of course, as with anything, you can't get the job done right if you don't have the right tools. Even if you have the highest-quality makeup in your drawer, if you don't have the correct application tools, that quality won't shine through. Which tools do you need? 1. Powder Brush After you apply foundation, your face needs one thing: powder. Powder helps to set your foundation. It also evens out the tone
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Body Wash vs. Other Cleansers


Soap and body wash abound at the store, and without the luxury of trying before you buy, choosing the right body cleanser can be overwhelming. Your skin is your largest organ, and cleaning this barrier between you and your environment is important. But it's challenging to know which cleanser to use for each body part. The reason we need soap is simple: to clean. Your grandparents probably had a small selection of bar soaps to choose from, but today, you can clean your body with bar or liquid soap, exfoliate your feet with a scrub and wash your face with a cream cleanser -- all during the same shower. Manufacturers are constantly creating new soaps and scrubs that
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