1. Try Retinoids

For stubborn skin problems, try Retinoids. It unplug pores, treats acne, reduce fine lines, boost collagen production, lighten brown spots and freckles, and improve skin texture. Your skin needs care. If you have time to wash your Jordan’s, then make sure you devote a good amount of your time to your health.

2. Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet plays a huge role on how you look and how you feel. Eat vegetables, fruits. Avoid fatty foods especially from fast food. Along side with eating healthy, drink as much water as you can. You skin is made of 70% water. So why not refill your body system with water.
Stay hydrated for a healthy looking skin and for overall health.

3. Say “NO” to smoking.

Smoking is not good for your health in general. Look at the above statistics. Almost half a million people die in America due to smoking. You can quit, you just have to believe in yourself. Did you notice smokers always have ugly looking lips & tooth? That is to tell you the impact it has on your body parts. Stop smoking not just for your skin, but for your overall health.

4. Relax

Yes this is a great tip for healthy looking skins. Studies have shown, stress plays a very important role on how our skin look. Relax, take baths, drink smoothies while you lay on your front pouch – looking up to the sky, do yoga, stretch… etc. There is a bunch of things you can do to relax.
The most effective relaxing technique is to watch comedy tv shows. They make you laugh and definitely relieves your head/mind from stressful thoughts.

5. Moisturize

In order to have a glowing & beautiful skin, you need to always keep your skin moisturized. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin is the first step you should take. However, please note there is a big difference between chemical and natural moisturizing. You are already getting it wrong if you think using natural products are the best route to go. To successfully make a smart decision between this two variations, you have to first figure out your skin type. If you have a super sensitive skin get the mass-produced, chemical-laden skin care products; this is because Natural skin moisturizing options often include perishable foodstuffs and botanicals that have limited shelf-lives and can cause allergic reactions.

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