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Stressful Individuals & Hair Problem.
Made in USA. Singapore HSA Approved.

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No.1 Head CPR Oxygen Therapy-Wild Ginseng Extracts 330ml

No. 1 selling product in Japan

1 sold in every 3 minutes

  • Stimulate head blood circulation
  • Promote hair growth
  • Improve hair density
  • Maintain head PH balance & prevent dandruff
  • Reduce migraine headache & stress

Method Of Use:
Pump 5-10 shots into different parts of your scalp, then massage it, daily. Recommended for use 2 times a day for individuals with serious hair and scalp problems. This is best used after you wash your hair. It is a leave-in hair tonic. Pump into scalp, before you blow dry your hair. Shake the bottle well.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Nitrogen, Verbena Officinalis, Hamamelis, Wild Ginseng, Rose Extracts, Picus Religiosa, Mint Extract, Bergamot

(Formulated in USA). Singapore HSA certified.

May be used on stressful working adults in the office and stressful students in school too. Made from 100% natural TCM herbal ingredients, it is also safe for pregnant woman to use.

Suitable for Stressful Individuals who wants to relax and calm down, and achieve healthier hair and scalp. Highly effective for sensitive and itchy red scalp, as it helps to reduce inflammation.

No alcohol, so its suitable for our Muslim friends too. Very suitable for our friends that uses the hair head scarf, as there is no air circulation under the scarf.

It promotes ph balance and blood circulation with the help of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). Together with the Nitrogen, you will experience and INSTANT Cooling Sensation, which is really enjoyable to be used on a Hot Day in Singapore.

Not only does this bottle helps you to maintain #HealthyHair and #HealthyScalp, it helps stressful individuals to #CoolDown both #Physically and #Mentally.


– Promotes Hair Growth

– Relieve Stress

– Minty Sensation

– Blood Circulation

– Reduce Hair Itchiness

– Anti Inflammatory

– Eases Headaches & Migraines

– Achieve PH Balance

– Anti Dandruff

– HBOT Oxygen Therapy


Wild #Ginseng Extracts

– Natural TCM herbs to stimulate Hair Growth

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (#HBOT)

– Medical use of Oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure


– Instant Cooling Sensation on a hot day!

#Mint Extracts

– Reduce Itchiness, Inflammation and Pain

#Verbena Officinalis

– Strengthens the Nervous System

– Relaxing any Tension and Stress

– Ease Depression and Melancholia

#Hamamelis Witch Hazel

– Hydration for the Scalp – Anti Oxidant

#Rose Extract

– Relaxing and Soothing effect on the Scalp


– Aids Skin

– Antiseptic Properties

Used by #professional hair stylist and salons for over 10 years. It is now available for individual use at home!

How to use?

– Pump 5 to 10 shots of ginseng extracts into different parts of your hair, massage it, leave it to dry. Recommended for use twice daily, day and night, for serious hair loss and itchy scalp issues. This is used after you wash and dry your hair. It is a leave in hair tonic. Shake the bottle well before use.

Get your #HAIRGROWTH #TREATMENT done at the comfort of your HOME!! At an Affordable Price!!

Used by professional hair salons in #Singapore, #Indonesia and #China. Don’t need to waste thousands of $$$ at hair salons.

*Use twice daily for #HealthyHair

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