Good Skincare Regime

Cleansing your face every night before retiring for the day is a must, but are you sure that you have done all the proper steps? Did you know that a good night skincare routine will help to reduce blemishes, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin as well? Having a good routine will allow your skin to breathe and restore its natural glow.

If you wear makeup during the day, it is a must to remove it before you sleep. Leaving makeup on will clog up your pores and lead to a buildup of sebum which ultimately causes acne. Removing makeup allows your skin to breathe and repair itself during the night. An alcohol free toner will remove remaining oils and makeup, restore the pH of your skin and leave your face smelling pleasant.

Always remember to cleanse your face well. A cleanser will remove the dirt and debris stuck to your face and reduce the clogging up of pores. Rinsing with warm water will allow your pores to open and release the harmful dirt and bacteria. Leaving the buildup of bacteria will cause acne break out.

After washing your face, not only do your remove all the dirt and makeup, but also essential oils as well. Thus, it is important to replenish that by using a moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin helps to keep your skin hydrated. Dehydration can accelerate the aging process, so moisturizing after cleansing will help to prevent it. Moisturizing should be done immediately after cleansing to achieve the best results.

It is always good to leave your skin cells to work while you are sleeping. Having a night serum on will let your skin regenerate and help to bring new cells to the surface, revealing a smoother and softer complexion. With the Sara Shantelle Renewal Whitening Night Serum, not only does it help repair dead skin cells, it also ensures softening effects, help boost skin translucence and tighten pores, enhance glowing fairness and smoothness, moisturize your skin and also eliminate wrinkle spot pigments. The night serum is made in France, which is available at


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